Conflict of Interest

One of the greatest obstacles one runs into when working with another is conflict itself; differing ideas, goals and ethics can make the workplace heinous at times, even toxic.

It gets so much harder though, when you work with a family member, and especially one with which you still live.

At my shop there’s my Papa and there’s me. I love him and respect him and adore him… but sometimes I want to throw a microphone stand at his head (it’s a good thing I sold my only mic stand yesterday for $20).

I can’t rag on him too much because he built the business from the ground up.  He invested the time, the money, the effort all before I was born.  Matter of Time is his 4th shop incarnation; he decided at some point to just do the vintage/antique thing for a living.

But when your shop ends up looking like this:


…you’re doing something wrong.

That is why I decided to take it over.  In addition to housework and instead of a social life I am trying to piece this huge puzzle together.

The clothing, the books, the postcards, the jewellery- all that is sorted into a somewhat decent manner.  I’m still working on the tools because he picks something up and doesn’t put it back. I think I may need to create hardware stations throughout the shop and home so he can just dump a tool in the closest bin and I’ll organize it as I go.

But if I find a hammer in the jewellery or a saw in with the picture frames I’ll definitely scream.

There’s just so much STUFF.

This is where we are conflicted:

He brings in stock. All the time. Even if it doesn’t go with the store. He’s a packrat and hates throwing things out. He has a mountain of stuff to be fixed which i know he’ll never get to.

I, on the other hand, have no problem gettings rid of things that are broken. Not to say I throw things in the garbage- no. I set things on the curb for DIYers to get their hands on. But the point is I can get things out without feeling guilty.

I just need him to go away for a week so I can clean up the shop without interference.

Alas, we don’t have the money needed for that.  We don’t have the money because sales aren’t where they should be. Sales aren’t where they should be because people can’t see all the amazing things we have to offer. People can’t see our treasures because he brings in too much stuff that doesn’t belong in our shop.

Oh God… the cycle is driving me insane.

I won’t give up, though.  I’ve helped things progress so much.

My new nickname is Katalogue because all I ever do these days is sort, organize, clean and catalog stock for the shop.

It will pay off, though, because I’m Katrina, the little redhead that could.



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