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So you want to be in the movies?

…or how about appear in a TV series?  Infomercial?  Short film?

When I was younger, just like many other little girls, I wanted to make it big!  I’d dream night after night about my escape to California, and how I’d have to wait tables to get anywhere in the business.

As it turns out, the best possible way for me to make it big was for me to stay exactly where I was.  Here’s why:

This is the second store I’ve lived in- it’s on a shorter avenue with mostly through traffic and no parking.  The first store, however, was on bustling QUEEN STREET in Toronto!  Marked as one of the longest in the city, it is also one of the major arteries.  Think of it as the aorta, if you will (Yonge Street is the vein that keeps blocking up after 50 years of bacon).  With a streetcar stop right outside our front door, we had EVERYONE coming in, including celebrities.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Kate Winslet?  Kate Beckinsale?  Kate Hill?  Okay, I made up the last one, but Bernard Hill has also come in!  The only problem is, they all came into that magical store *before* they made it “big.”  That means I didn’t recognize any of them.  Drat!  However proper salesmanship, a sparkling personality and working in the best dang store in Toronto means they’re not sure to forget.

Steve has been in the vintage industry since 1979, and he’s met more celebs than I care to not-be-jealous of.  Brad Pitt?  Tom Hanks?  For crying out loud, PICASSO?!?  Okay, I made that one up too.  We had a sketch by Picasso, but really it turned out to be a work by John Lennon.  So we haven’t met him (he was killed 9 years before I was born!), but just having something of his is tres cool (not Tre).

Anyways,  not only celebrities have braved the antiquated elements in order to enter my first store:  set designers, set dressers, props masters, costume designers and location scouts have all found themselves in the shop.  Who are these people?  Oh yeah, they’re part of the film industry.

In 2001 we had some important people come in and browse, then one, obviously the alpha male, yelled “Perfect!”  As it turned out, they wanted to film something IN our store.  And that they did.  True Blue didn’t become a big hit or anything, but MY store is IN THAT MOVIE!

If you have the chance to watch it, skip forward to the pawn shop scene;  that’s my old shop in all its splendor.  Perhaps you’ll notice the picture on the cash register?  That’s me.  🙂  So, I’m in a movie.

The best way to get started in the film industry is to not pursue it at all.  Establish a semi-successful business and let everyone come to you!

(What, did you think I was an agent or something?)


PS.  I haven’t actually seen the movie.  If you live in Toronto and have a copy, please let me know!


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